The Fashionista Spy

by illusionfashion

Director Aviv Kosloff presents a visually expressive dark short, shot in Berlin: “Berlin was for decades the epicenter of the cold war. CIA, KGB and every other spy agency in the world roamed its streets. The real spies inspired the fictional ones, and Berlin was central to the plot of many classic spy films. We juxtpositioned contemporary Berlin designers against the backdrop of the city’s architecture… so this fashion film is our homage for the spies, spy films, the city and the fashion it inspires.” (Aviv Kosloff)

“I admire Berlin architecture. I also find in it a sense of confidence and belief in pure shape and form. After living for 4 years in Berlin I’ve found all kind of hidden architecture gems: the amazing Swinemünder bridge, the composers monument in Tiergarten, gray brutal 60’s concrete buildings scattered around Mitte and Wedding and the classic statues of the Invaliden Friedhof. The idea to combine Berlin fashion and architecture in a film was in my mind for a while but I felt that I’m still missing another ingredient. Then I watched the spy film “Funeral in Berlin”. It was shot in 1966 in West –Berlin and has a great feel and style.” (Aviv Kosloff)